04 Jan

Google Chrome Security Update

Hello Clients!

This issue concerns our Shoutcast v1 Servers particularly those who use our HTML5 web players.

The most recent update in Google Chrome (v55) has removed the support of HTTP/0.9 requests due to a security bug and low usage of the protocol, this means that some customers using SHOUTcast Version 1 will be seeing an issue with their radio players – likely showing an error along the following lines when trying to listen to their streams: “ERR_INVALID_HTTP_RESPONSE” via HTML5 web players.

Finally we managed to fix this issue, our Shoutcast v1 Servers now supports this Google Chrome Update.

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01 Jan
15 Dec

Season Greetings!

To our dearest Clients!

All of us at our company would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Its been a great year for us and we are still strong as always to provide you the most reliable service.

Thank you for your continued patronage with our services.

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05 Jan

Upgrading s1 and s3 Servers

Dear. Clients,

We will be upgrading our s1 and s3 servers to provide persistent service reliability and best performance at exactly 1am GMT. Because of this upgrade, the servers will be offline for about 30 minutes to 1 hour which will affect s1 and s3 clients only.

Please be advised.

Thank you,
YesStreaming Technical Team

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17 Nov

Icecast upgraded to KH version!

Good News!

All Icecast servers are now KH version!

The Icecast 2-KH version has many advantages over standard Icecast 2. There are a few key benefits to using the KH version such as:

  • FLV wrapping of mp3 and aac streams making them compatible with flash players without the memory leak in the browser.
  • Various config options such as multi-homes relays, scalable auth engines, wildcard mountpoints etc.
  • Icecast is compatible with StreamLicensing.
  • Scalable backbone. Making it smooth running on our servers.

Thank you!


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25 Sep
12 Jul

100% Uptime Loud and Proud!


Right from the start, we are always committed on providing the best Shoutcast and Icecast Servers using a reliable, state of the art and latest backbone servers and network. Because of this commitment, we are proud to announce that our servers got a 100% up-time for more than a year now hence, providing our clients uninterrupted radio streaming for their listeners worldwide!

Thank you for choosing us.

Best Regards to all!

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05 Apr
27 Mar

Shoutcast v2 is here!

Shoutcast DNAS v2  is now available and being offered as our default shoutcast server with no extra cost. Below are the new features of Shoutcast V2.

  • Automatic switch between AutoDJ and Live Stream.
  • Support multiple radio channels on single server through Mount Points
  • Individual DJ accounts
  • Now Supports AAC+, AAC+ V2 codecs alongside MP3

We are still offering Shoutcast v1 as per preference of our clients and still supported.

If you have questions and/or inquiries with regards to this update, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards!

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23 Jan

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