How to Start Online Radio

Dec 28, 2020

Here at YesStreaming, we provide you your own dedicated internet radio server to broadcast your audio online. It can be accessed in an all-in-one web control panel to manage all its services easily thru your web browser.

If you are broadcasting live, you just need a Laptop/Desktop with an encoder software installed and connect it to our server.

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If you have prerecorded audio files you want to play online based on rotation, you can do so using our AutoDJ which is available on all our servers. The AutoDJ service allows you to create rotational playlists based on your preferences to play 24/7 without you being online.

Broadcasting live alongside using our AutoDJ service is also possible in our servers. In other words, you can broadcast live at your specified times and use AutoDJ when your off-air. In case of unexpected lost live broadcast, the AutoDJ service will run for an uninterrupted radio stream.

We also provide a free website you can use at your disposal to kickstart your online broadcasting.

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If you have your own website, you can utilize our free web players to embed it to your existing website.

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You can also opt for a more advanced web player that we also offer for an affordable recurring cost.

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Furthermore, if you want to provide your listeners a way to listen to your radio on the go, we provide an Android App for one-time fee as well.

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The question is, what type of server is suitable for you? Well, it's not something we can decide for you. We only suggest as we have four solutions to choose from. Each has its own distinctive features that may or may not suitable for you. To know more of these solutions, check the link here:

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Each solution has a free trial so you can get the experience of using them before you purchase.

We provide 24/7 ticket-based only expert assistance along the way if you need to. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us by clicking the link below:
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