Mobile Radio App

Only $20/year and 35$ Setup fee One Time

Android Radio Mobile App

Android Mobile Radio App!

From the car, to the gym, to the office and everywhere between, our radio mobile application move with you.
Our mobile application is a great way to market your station. It could even be used as a platform for stations to sell ad space to generate additional revenue.

We will create and publish a customized Android Radio App on Google Play Store that will let your listeners interact and enjoy your station right on their mobile devices,At the moment we do Android Radio Apps Only


Multi Radio App

Versatile, light and easy to use

The app is easy to use for all ages and does not take up much memory on your device.

SHOUTcast/Icecast Server

Supports Shoutcast and Icecast Servers.

Station Logo

Completely white-labelled. Upload your own logo on the app.

Sleep timer for Player

Set specific time for the player to stop streaming.

Keeps playing in the background

Listen while you move.

Show and switch Artist/Song Album Art Title

Automatically display radio now playing meta data.

Facebook and Twitter Pages

Optionally, you can add your Facebook and Twitter Pages on the app for easy viewing.

Radio station website link

Promote your website by adding a link on the app.

Station Contact Form

Provide an instant way for your listeners to contact you using our built-in contact form.

How to Order?

In order to develop and start your Mobile App publishing process on the Android App Store, we will need the following informations/graphic elements:

  • Station Name/Application Title
  • Radio Station Brief Description
  • Station Website URL
  • Facebook Address (if available)
  • Twitter Address (if available)
  • Contact Email Address
  • Station Logo (PNG or PSD format/transparent, 1024 x 1024px size min.)

Once you have placed your order and completed the payment, you need to submit those app details here.