YesStreaming was launched in 2012 with a vision of providing reliable and affordable Shoutcast and Icecast powered Radio Hosting Servers by building our own servers and optimizing the network. Give excellent support to clients from experts on the field.

YesStreaming was established by a group of veteran and seasoned broadcasters that was looking for a solution which can give them a reliable and solid performance that is cost-effective. They grow sick and tired of transferring from host to host so they come up with an idea of building their own servers and an enhanced network instead to meet their needs.

The idea quickly became a commitment.

They didn't expect it to gather support from investors. The group is now committed to this project by teaming up with exceptional IT experts to create a team with a goal of providing uninterrupted and fast audio streaming services from the source(Server) down to the listeners whenever and wherever they are and deliver expert 24/7 support to clients they can rely on.

We finally have the best audio streaming service.

Through years of collaboration with clients, research, development, and failures we believe that we have perfected an online radio hosting solution that specifically meets the needs of broadcasters. Bufferless and undeniably fast end-to-end stream for global listeners and an all-in-one streaming solution for a successful reliable online radio server.

We don't stop as technology indeed moves fast.

We always strive to make our services better by continued research and further development of our solutions to get along with our fast-paced world.

You're in good hands.

YesStreaming is a company registered in England and Wales UK thus gives you confidence that we are governed by laws keeping your data safe.