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AzuraCast installs everything you need to get a web radio station up and running in minutes,Manage every aspect of your radio station via a simple yet powerful web interface.

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Web radio management suite

AzuraCast works for web radio stations of all types and sizes. A powerful but intuitive web interface, you can start up a fully working web radio station in a few quick minutes.

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Rich Media Management

Upload songs, edit metadata, preview songs and organize music into folders from your browser.

Unlimited Web DJ

Broadcast live directly from your browser, with no extra software needed, with AzuraCast's built-in Web DJ tool.

Public Pages

Embeddable public pages that you can integrate into your existing web page or use as the basis for your own customized player.

Listener Requests

Let your listeners request specific songs from your playlists, both via an API and a simple public-facing listener page.


Affordable and feature-packed pricing with unbeatable performance.


320 Kbps

per month

per month

per month

  • 25 GB AutoDJ (Upgradable)
  • Up to 500 Listeners
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
      • Azuracast Control Panel
      • 99.99% Uptime


320 Kbps

per month

per month

per month

  • 50 GB AutoDJ (Upgradable)
  • Up to 2000 Listeners
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
      • Azuracast Control Panel
      • 99.99% Uptime


320 Kbps

per month

per month

per month

  • 100 GB AutoDJ (Upgradable)
  • Up to 5000 Listeners
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
      • Azuracast Control Panel
      • 99.99% Uptime

Everything you need on your Browser

Geolocking Shoutcast Icecast Hosting

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Premium Features

No compromised features for a cost-efficient price.


Add music to standard-rotation playlists (in sequential or shuffled playback order) or schedule a playlist to play at a scheduled time, or once per x songs/minutes/etc.

Live DJs

Set up individual DJ/streamer accounts and see who's currently streaming from your station's profile page.

Remote Relays

Broadcast your radio signal (including live DJs) to any remote server running Icecast or SHOUTcast.

Detailed Analytics and Reports

Keep track of every aspect of your station's listeners over time. View reports of each song's impact on your listener count. You can also generate a report that's compatible with SoundExchange for US web radio royalties.

SSL Ready

Your radio comes standard with SSL to provide secure connections and compatibility to end user.

High Quality Stream

Stream with a minimum of 128 kbps upto 320 kbps HD Quality. Supports AAC+, MP3, OGG high quality formats.


A set crossfade time to fall back on for all of the tracks you play.

HTTPS Streaming

Secure native (no proxy) HTTPS streaming is available that is compatible with all major browsers and applications.

Easy Integration to Website

HTML5 Player & Scripts to integrate on your existing website.

Web Hooks

Integrate your station with Slack, Discord, TuneIn, Twitter and more by setting up web hooks that connect to third-party services.

Port80 Enabled

This Feature enables listeners to tune in to audio streams using TCP port 80 (the port normally used for serving web pages) which may be useful for listeners who are behind restrictive firewalls that prevent access to the port numbers normally used by streaming servers.


This allows you to setup time zone. Which helps to schedule the playlist as per the time zone.

Frequently Asked Questions

AzuraCast is an open-source control panel built by a number of key contributors. It has an active community of helpful users and developers who all share a passion for making radio accessible.

Know more here:

The panel supports both SHOUTcast & Icecast streaming and allows users to switch between the two protocols easily.

Yes, we do! we do not limit the resources to those built-in packages. Contact us so that we can discuss your needs and provide you with a free quotation.

Azuracast supports Live DJ broadcasting using an encoder software or its built-in Web DJ panel!

Web DJ: Broadcast live directly from your browser, with no extra software needed, with AzuraCast's built-in Web DJ tool.

YesStreaming was built by broadcasters for broadcasters who understand well of your needs.

What sets us apart from others is the support you'll get from people like you along with a team of professional IT and server engineers. Furthermore, we believe we had perfected the right server and network optimization using our propriety server and network algorithm to provide a reliable and fast end-to-end streaming service.

We always strive to improve our products and services to provide you with stable and dependable hosting.