Do you have a knack for radio streaming but don’t know how to get there? Do you have lots to share but no platform? If that’s your ordeal too, you have just been granted your genie!

Stream your station all over the world simply by choosing a good Shoutcast Hosting provider! Highly recommended for beginners,Shoutcast is a kind of streaming audio solution that allows you to broadcast your audio to listeners all over the internet and that will get you listed on their  Directory, directing listeners to your station! If you are a professional with an already established listener base, you might want to try out icecast hosting.

YesStreaming offers you cost effective ‘Shoutcast Hosting‘ server to let you create your own radio station! is dedicated to delivering you the most user friendly, affordable, secure and reliable service to stream your audio nonstop!

YesStreaming is loaded with a number of beneficial features, to make your streaming worthwhile! Our  servers are instilled with AutoDj, a source that allows uninterrupted radio streaming 24/7, without requiring you to be logged in with a computer. Now stream all day, even when you’re away! Our Shoutcast DNAS v2 with updated features your Radio automaticly switch between AutoDJ and Live Stream .
Never again fret about losing valuable content! we brings to you Live Source backup in case your live broadcast is interrupted.

CentovaCast allows you an easy control panel to manage your  audio streaming server and hassle free integration of your radio into your existing website, you need not look elsewhere! Ditch sluggish connections and keep your streaming swift as YesStreaming offers powerful and advanced servers, reliable with 99.9% uptime and speed. With an unlimited bandwidth and Port 80 proxy, conquer wider audiences at the speed of light!
In order to gauge your radio performance, take help of extensive statistics and reports provided by yours truly.

choose the audio streaming hosting plan most suitable for you.
                                                                                                 Be your own voice, be your own radio station!


Our Premium Shoutcast plans comes with the following features.


It is a server based playlist which allows you to stream 24/7 from your radio station, without having your computer on, all the time.

Powerful Servers

All our plans are powered by our most advanced and up-to-date servers that is reliable with 99.9% uptime and speed.

Easy Control Panel

You’ll have your own advanced yet easy to use admin panel that lets you control and configure your server.

Statistics and Reporting

Monitor your audience and see how your radio performs. We provide comprehensive statistics to help you.

Easy Integration

Flash Player & Scripts to integrate on your existing website.

Live Source Backup

In case of lost live broadcasting, your radio will automatically switch to AutoDJ service to keep your radio playing uninterrupted.

Port80 Proxy

Reach a wide audience limitless without worry.

Unlimited Bandwidth

All our servers comes with unlimited bandwidth!

Shout cast Hosting Plans

We provide the most powerful and flexible monthly plans to best suit your need.

Shout cast Starter

Plans for broadcasters who are just starting in the industry or want to lessen the expenses with good quality music.

$9.99 per month

Plan 24

  • 24 Kbps Bitrate 
  • 1GB AutoDJ (Upgradable)
  • 1000 Listeners
  • Shoutcast v2


$10.99 per month

Plan 32

  • 32 Kbps Bitrate 
  • 2GB AutoDJ (Upgradable)
  • 1000 Listeners
  • Shoutcast v2


$9.99 per month

Plan 48

  • 48 Kbps Bitrate 
  • 2GB AutoDJ (Upgradable)
  • Shoutcast v2


Shout cast Pro

Plans for broadcasters who are in the industry for a quite sometime or wants to have the best quality music.

$10.99 per month

Plan 64

  • 64 Kbps Bitrate 
  • 4GB AutoDJ (Upgradable)
  • Shoutcast v2


$13.99 per month

Plan 96

  • 96 Kbps Bitrate 
  • 5GB AutoDJ (Upgradable)
  • Shoutcast v2


$16.99 per month

Plan 128

  • 128 Kbps Bitrate 
  • 10GB AutoDJ (Promo!)
  • Shoutcast v2


Quick FaQs

What you need to know now.

Shout cast is a  audio  streaming solution  for online radio, With Shoutcast V2 you can Do automatic switch from live to Autodj

Absolutely yes! using our AutoDJ playlist that is included on all our plans which allows you to stream 24/7 from your radio station based on the playlist you made, without having your computer on, all the time.

AutoDJ is a automatic content delivery system and a playlist included on all servers. It allows you to keep your server online 24/7 without having to run a source (Eg. Winamp or any Internet radio broadcasting application) from your computer. The space measured in Gigabytes(GB) provided on each plan is the total amount of music files you can add on the playlist.

Bitrate is the number of bits per second that can be transmitted along a digital network, meaning to say, it is basically the quality of sound produced. The higher the bitrate, the higher the quality of music.

Basically none. With our servers, you’ll just have to setup some basic information about your radio station, upload the songs, setup AutoDJ using our easy to use control panel and our servers will do the rest automatically.

It is basically based on your budget and your expected traffic/listeners. We provide flexible plans to suit your budget and needs. If the pre-configured plans doesn’t suit you, contact us and we’ll setup one specifically for you without extra cost!

We provide scripts and flash players to easily integrate your radio on your existing website such as display the current song and etc. You’ll just have to copy the code from the control panel of your server and paste it to where you want it to display.

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