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Jul 01, 2019

Do you have a knack for radio streaming but don’t know how to get there? Do you have lots to share but no platform? If that’s your ordeal too, you have just been granted your genie!

Shoutcast hosting server

Stream your station all over the world simply by choosing a good Shoutcast provider! Highly recommended for beginners, shoutcast is a simple setup that will get you listed on, directing listeners to your station!If you are a professional with an already established listener base, you might want to try out icecast hosting.

YesStreaming offers you cost effective ‘Shoutcast’ server hosting to let you create your own radio station! if you are wondering what exactly this is, Shoutcast is a kind of streaming audio solution that allows you to broadcast your audio to viewers all over the internet. How cool is that! This option provides tremendous exposure, especially for all the aspiring beginners out there.

YesStreaming is dedicated to delivering you the most user friendly, affordable, secure and reliable service to stream your audio nonstop!

Shoutcast at YesStreaming is loaded with a number of beneficial features, to make your streaming worthwhile! Their Shoutcast servers are instilled with AutoDj, a source that allows uninterrupted radio streaming 24/7, without requiring you to be logged in with a computer. Now stream all day, even when you’re away! You will have to manually disable AutoDJ before connecting to the server, unless you avail the most up to date version of shoutcast at YesStreaming

Never again fret about losing valuable content! YesStreaming brings to you Automated AutoDj stream in case your live broadcast is interrupted.When YesStreaming allows you an easy control panel to manage your Shoutcast panel and hassle free integration of your radio into your existing website, you need not look elsewhere!

Ditch sluggish connections and keep your streaming swift as YesStreaming offers powerful and advanced servers, reliable with 99.99% uptime and speed. With an unlimited bandwidth and Port 80 proxy, conquer wider audiences at the speed of light!In order to gauge your radio performance, take help of extensive statistics and reports provided by yours truly. YesStreaming has all your broadcasting needs covered!

Avail Shoutcast version DNAS v2 for updated features including an automatic switch between AutoDJ and Live Stream as well as the ability to stream multiple radio channels from a single server!

Visit YesStreaming today and choose the Shoutcast hosting plan most suitable for you.

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