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Reliable Company

A stable company. We have been providing audio streaming solutions that you can depend on.

YesStreaming is the trading name of YESSTRA LTD registered in England and Wales: 8848164.

No-BufferStream Technology

Built on a basis of providing solid connections with less-to-no buffering times around the world.

Our unique server and network algorithm ensures excellent and fast connectivity by looking-up the best interconnection affinity on the geo-location of the listener.

Premium Server Hosting

We have built our servers that is specifically designed and optimized for streaming service capable of intelligent scaling and load balancing to handle various workloads.

In addition, we our housed in tier4 Datacenters in UK and US coupled with Network redundancy across the globe.

24hours x 7days Support

We are broadcasters as well teamed up with IT experts that knows very well of your needs. We are there for you from the start and will always be available to help.

Constantly Improving

Technology indeed moves fast, but we are up to the challenge of researching and improving our services to fit our client’s needs exactly.

No overselling nor overcrowding

We maintain the quality of our servers by providing just and dedicated resources on each clients based on the chosen package to ensure that no service interruptions are made by a single client that disrupts the whole system affecting others. 

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Three Different Server Solutions to choose from

YesStreaming has been the most reliable in providing online audio streaming solution since its launch.

SHOUTCAST Server Hosting

A dedicated Shoutcast v2 Server Hosting powered by Centovacast v3 Control Panel. 

This solution’s main edge is for those who wants to take advantage of getting listed in a well-known directory that may boost listeners since Shoutcast has its established radio directory.

Supports: Mp3, AAC and AAC+

Most Reliable and Easy to use Shoutcast and Icecast Hosting
Most Reliable and Easy to use Shoutcast and Icecast Hosting

ICECAST Server Hosting

A server solution powered by Icecast equipped with Centovacast v3 Control Panel.

Dubbed as more versatile solution than Shoutcast. Icecast has been the leading solution for most audio streaming services. The advantage of this solution is that it supports more formats  and has more flexible configurations than Shoutcast.

Supports Mp3, AAC, AAC+, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Theora and NSV formats

GEO-LOCKING Server Hosting

A different and modern approach powered by Icecast with more advanced features for an all-in-one streaming solution that utilizes our newest control panel different from centovacast.

The key advantage of this solution is that you can whitelist or blacklist a list of countries you prefer to listen on your radio. This is specifically designed for you to target specific listeners for your audio stream. 

Supports Mp3, AAC, AAC+, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Theora

What's the difference?

Below is a table of comparison for each audio streaming solution to help you decide further.

Shoutcast Hosting Icecast Hosting Geo-Locking Server
Shoutcast v2
Icecast v2 or Icecast KH
Icecast or Icecast KH
Control Panel
Centovacast v3
Centovacast v3
YesStreaming MediaCP
Mobile-Friendly Control Panel
Formats Supported
Mp3, AAC, AAC+, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Theora and NSV
Mp3, AAC, AAC+, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Theora and NSV
Bitrate Supported
24KBPS to 320 KBPS
24KBPS to 320 KBPS
128KBPS and 320 KBPS
Geo-Locking Feature
Not Supported
Not Supported
Dedicated Unlimited Bandwidth
Dedicated Unlimited Bandwidth
Dedicated Unlimited Bandwidth
Dedicated SSL Stream
Supported via PROXY
Native Support
Native Support
Live Stream Only Packages
(No AutoDJ)
Not Available
Starts at $7.99 (at 24KBPS)
Starts at $7.99 (at 24KBPS)
Starts at $16.99 (at 128KBPS)

Other products offered for a great bundle.

HTML5 Radio Web Player PRO

$2.00 per month

Advanced, responsive and easy customizable Radio Web Player that can be embed on your website at ease.

shoutcast hosting

Mobile App

$50.00 one time fee

Why not offer your listeners a great way to access your audio stream anytime and anywhere? Our white-labeled mobile application moves with them. 

Icecast Streaming Hosting Server

Free Radio Website

Powered by

No website? No problem. We can provide you a free website with basic customization and essential broadcasting tools to kickstart your radio.

yesstreaming shoutcast hosting

By Broadcasters. For Broadcasters. Optimized Shoutcast and Icecast Servers with No-BufferStream Technology.

Registered in England and Wales: 8848164

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