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Control Panel Features

Solid, Easy to Use Control Panel

Intuitive Interface

We provide free Shoutcast server and Icecast hosting To Start your Radio station. A radio HTML5 Player is included free of charge,

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Automatic Switch

Between Live Stream and AutoDJ.

Individual DJ Accounts

Have As Many Djs As You Want For Quick Login And Stream.

100% free

Free Shoutcast or icecast server

50 MB Free Autodj

Easy Autodj setup

Free Radio Hosting

Shoutcast and Icecast Radio Hosting for Free


96 kbps


  • 50 MB AutoDJ
  • Up to 30 Listeners
  • 2.5 GB Bandwidth


96 Kbps


  • 50 MB AutoDJ
  • Up to 30 Listeners
  • 2.5 GB Bandwidth

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Premium Features Available With Our Pro Servers

Everything you need

Most Reliable with 99.9% Uptime

Experience reliable broadcasting with No-BufferStream Technology.

Reach wide Audience without limit

Reach globally without limits with port80 proxy available free.

Easy Integration to your Website

HTML5 Player & Scripts to integrate on your existing website.

SSL Support

Our server provides secured stream link url which you can use on any HTTPS required applications like Amazon.

Live Source Backup

In case of lost live broadcasting, your radio will automatically switch to AutoDJ service to keep your radio playing uninterrupted.

Radio Statistics and Reporting

Monitor your audience and see how your radio performs. We provide comprehensive statistics to help you.

With Control Panel

Utilizes Centovacast v3 Control Panel for easy-to-use administration of your server.

Start-up Frontpage

Provide your listeners with an easy to drop by page for your radio.

Media Player Support

You can offer your listeners with various media player support for Winamp, Real, Windows Player.

Quick Faqs

What you need to know now

Shoutcast is a audio streaming solution for online radio, With Shoutcast V2 you can Do automatic switch from live to Autodj.

We both seek the most reliable broadcast for our listeners hence, we developed our own servers with next generation algorithm and optimized multiple redundancy network which produces unbeatable up time, connectivity and speed.

This unique next generation technology we designed for all our servers eliminates various barriers which results in poor connections, buffering and downtime that regular servers has. Furthermore, our servers are hosted in tier-4 datacenters in Europe and USA.

Our server and network infrastructure guarantees the quality of stream transfers, prioritizing according to the usage and the geographical location of your listeners.

Absolutely yes! using our AutoDJ playlist that is included on all our plans which allows you to stream 24/7 from your radio station based on the playlist you made, without having your computer on, all the time.

Bitrate is the number of bits per second that can be transmitted along a digital network, meaning to say, it is basically the quality of sound produced. The higher the bitrate, the higher the quality of music.

Basically none. With our servers, you’ll just have to setup some basic information about your radio station, upload the songs, setup AutoDJ using our easy to use control panel and our servers will do the rest automatically.

We provide scripts and flash players to easily integrate your radio on your existing website such as display the current song and etc. You’ll just have to copy the code from the control panel of your server and paste it to where you want it to display.