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How to Upload MP3 files to AutoDJ

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Firstly you need to upload your MP3’s to the server, to do this you will either need to install an FTP client, such as FileZilla Or use our File Manager inside the Control Panel.

To Upload Using FTP.

1. Login to the FTP server with the details we have provided.

2. Upon logging in, you should see a folder named ‘media’. Click on the ‘media’ folder and upload your MP3 files by dragging them from your computer into the “media” folder.

3. Once your media files have been uploaded you must enable AutoDJ (if not already enabled). Login to our Control Panel – if you can see the ‘Manage Playlists’ link on the left then AutoDJ is already enabled, if you can’t see this link – Stop your server, then go to ‘Configure Server’, select the AutoDJ Tab and ensure AutoDJ Status is set to Enabled.

4. Login to our Control Panel, click ‘Manage Playlists’, and then click ‘Update Media Library’. This will make our control panel import all of your new media files, and retrieve the necessary song covers. You also need to run this every time you add or remove files via FTP.

5. You can then go to ‘Media Library’ and drag your MP3s from the media library into individual playlists (Standard rotation is the default playlist). You can set up new playlists on the “Manage Playlists” page.

6. Once finished you need to click onto any playlist names you’ve updated and press Save for each one.

7. You can now start your server and AutoDJ should be playing.

Remember to run the Media Update as in step 3 whenever you add or delete MP3s in FTP.

To Upload Using File Manager

Read our article here on how to use File Manager.

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