01 Apr

How to get free trial

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We have to change the procedure on how to use our free trial service to make it more user friendly and to prevent overcrowding our servers with free trial accounts. To take advantage of our free trial, you will have a pre-configured package specifically for free trial for either Shoutcast or Icecast server. To get this free trial packages, you can go to the Shoutcast or Icecast page there is a link “GET FREE TRIAL”.

When you click that link, it will automatically add the pre-configured package on our shopping cart along with the promocode and you can now continue checking out with no fees. Please note that, pre-configured free trial packages are fixed (25 listeners, 500gb bandwidth etc.) but will be upgraded once you are fully decided to pursue your streaming service with us. Our free trial is still for a maximum of 3days.

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