Our Backbone

With the intention to provide you the fastest and most reliable hosting for your streaming website, we are proud and confident that we host your data in Tier 3 Datacenters located in United States of America and our base in United Kingdom. The data centers deliver the latest in cutting-edge technology and high tech specifications to provide advanced security coupled with maximum uptime and redundancy.

Due to our geographic diversity, we are able to provide clients with full redundancy. Latency and speed sensitive clients also have further benefits with our geographic reach.

We recognize that uptime is high on your priority list. Our data center backbone requires no routine shutdowns for routine maintenance.

Solid State Servers

Due to a high resource demand of streaming service, we use only the Fastest and Enterprise Level of Servers which are configured specifically by our IT partners to provide you a environment stable with guaranteed uptime and rock solid enterprise performance.

Load Balance - No overloaded network or server.

networkA Rock-solid Connectivity. Distributing workload efficiently is essential to high-availability, faster response times and overall growth. With YesStreaming’s load balancing solution your peak traffic, failed hardware, or overloaded network nightmares are replaced with peace of mind and hassle-free data delivery.

In addition to balancing traffic, our load balancers can effectively check overall server health to ensure you’re always up even if one server fails.

"Enterprise Hardware = Enterprise Permormance

100 %
We pride on delivering our services uninterrupted.

Key Features

  • Redundant power sources
  • Multiple network carriers providing unsurpassed reliability and performance
  • On-site professional staff to monitor and provide assistance
  • Firewall and data backup services
  • SAS 70 compliant
  • Tier 3 classification
  • Advanced canopy cold row cooling
  • VESDA smoke detection system
  • 24×7 security and digital video surveillance

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